My SEO Video Challenge

Over the past few months, YouTube’s owner, Google, has changed the way it ranks videos. If you’ll notice there are fewer and fewer videos in the rankings. In fact, for most service-related keywords, you’d be hard pressed to find any videos within the first three pages. My results are different.

Here’s the “scoop”.

Give me a small city under 30,000 and give me a service-related keyword you want to see a video ranking for (i.e, emergency plumbing, estate planning, roofing company, personal injury lawyer) and I will create a “generic” video, optimize it, and rank it within 48-72 hours and probably less.

Google the term: personal injury attorney Hialeah Gardens, or basement waterproofing Algonquin IL. Those are my videos on Page 1.

I made the mistake a couple of years ago of issuing this challenge to any city. Big mistake. And I admitted my mistake then. Wow. Talk about humbling. New York and Chicago are very different than Hialeah Gardens. However, as you’ll notice there are very very few videos ranking in Google for these terms in even the smallest towns.

How could this ever benefit you? Think about it. If you control the only video for your industry in your small town, you will get people calling your business. What if you have one video for every nearby town of 5000, 10000, or 20000 people? Do you think that would draw people to your company?

So that’s the challenge.

Post it publicly and I’ll give my reports publicly. I’ll post screenshots when I can of what it looks like without any videos, and one after my video ranks. If it doesn’t work, then I will also say what I think happened. And I will undoubtedly eat crow if it doesn’t rank.

Better yet, shoot a quick 2-3 minute video of you asking and answering ONE question in your field, and send it to me. Send the town’s name and I’ll rank THAT video at no cost to you. It’s my gift to you.

I’m doing this challenge for 3 towns. It can be the same industry or different industries. Questions?