Easy Peasy SEO and Web Design

Let’s cut to the chase. We all need traffic to our sites. That’s a given. You do, I do, we all do. Even the SEO providers need it! But most cannot afford that astronomical fees that many Search Engine Optimization companies charge. And then, what guarantee do you have that you’ll get what you pay for? None. Of course, they’ll tell you a story that “the work is already done so it’s difficult to refund for work done.”

You could do it yourself. That’s an option but a poor one, and here’s why. Google, the number one search engine out there, changes their rules significantly about every year. It throws the online marketers into a scramble to see what changed and how to build up their rankings again. You as a business professional are good in the medical or construction or services industry. If you weren’t you wouldn’t be in business. Just like it took you years to learn and be who you are, so it is with the online marketing crowd, myself included. Sure, you may get lucky and rank in the search engines for the term “laying a hand-crafted metal roof in Spokane Washington” but who is searching for that term?

That’s why it pays to hire professionals to do that work for you. But the dirty little secret is this, if you are a small business with anywhere from 2-10 employees and sales well under a million per year, you probably do not need the services the big boys charge. If you’re in that category and paying more than $300 per month for SEO services, it’s too much. That’s our “sweet spot”. We thrive on ranking businesses such as yours. Why? Because that seems to be where businesses need the most help.

SEO simple and easyNow, of course you can pay more to rank more keywords and we do acknowledge the need for that but when you’re just getting started and getting into the entire online marketing, you should be fine for a sub-300 price range.

The picture at left illustrates the exuberance at getting the SEO services at a modest price. Ok. A little cheesy, but hey.